I’ve spent the last week trying to pen a post about turning 30. I thought about writing a reflective entry about getting married, having a baby, moving away blah blah. But no, I’ve done too many of those. I had hoped to get some inspiration to write something different. So I waited and waited. But no, that light bulb still did not appear above my head.

So I’m just going to tell it like it is. How does it feel to be 30? Apart from old and tired? Old and tired! More tired than old. And a load more responsibility and less freedom on top of that.

We arrived in Singapore on the morning of my birthday. L was hot and grizzly because he had his injections on Monday. Then there was the heat, the time difference, a new environment and new people to meet. All this got a bit too much for him and he was a pretty miserable kid throughout the day. So apart from pacifying him and taking him to see my grandmother, we didn’t have the energy to do anything else. He completely exhausted us and eventually himself when he stopped whinging at 2am and fell asleep.

I spent my twenties exploring the freedom of a young adult and I began my thirties by losing it. My life is now hostage to a grumpy man and an unpredictable child. At least the unpredictable child goes out to work for long hours.

Life at 30 is great.

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