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Hello baby!

September 24, 2010

M and J were in London for 10 days and made a special trip to Wales to see us last Saturday. It turned out to be a sort of “parent training day” for the couple who are planning to have children in the near future. To welcome them, L did a big pad of smelly poo which M changed while holding her breath. During their brief six-hour visit, they played, fed and changed L and we even managed to have pizza and scale a tiny hill (with L strapped onto his Dad). We welcome anyone who would like a taste of what being a parent feels like to contact us and arrange for a training day. So we can breathe while you hold your breath!


September 23, 2010

I’ve spent the last week trying to pen a post about turning 30. I thought about writing a reflective entry about getting married, having a baby, moving away blah blah. But no, I’ve done too many of those. I had hoped to get some inspiration to write something different. So I waited and waited. But no, that light bulb still did not appear above my head.

So I’m just going to tell it like it is. How does it feel to be 30? Apart from old and tired? Old and tired! More tired than old. And a load more responsibility and less freedom on top of that.

We arrived in Singapore on the morning of my birthday. L was hot and grizzly because he had his injections on Monday. Then there was the heat, the time difference, a new environment and new people to meet. All this got a bit too much for him and he was a pretty miserable kid throughout the day. So apart from pacifying him and taking him to see my grandmother, we didn’t have the energy to do anything else. He completely exhausted us and eventually himself when he stopped whinging at 2am and fell asleep.

I spent my twenties exploring the freedom of a young adult and I began my thirties by losing it. My life is now hostage to a grumpy man and an unpredictable child. At least the unpredictable child goes out to work for long hours.

Life at 30 is great.

Bunch flowers

September 16, 2010

I love this Cath Kidston messenger bag. Yes I already own a million other bags so do I need another one? The answer is yes and I don’t care if the print makes R gag.

Over dinner

September 16, 2010

Another over-due post. The two European volunteers I was mentoring at work finished their time in this country and were heading home. Before they left, I invited them over to my place to see the baby and to catch up. I made roast chicken legs and we ended the meal with cream eclairs. We talked about our lives, goals, plans and aspirations. I love my role as a mentor. It brings back memories of teaching.

Coconut candy

September 14, 2010

When I took the boy to the office to meet my colleagues last week, one of them gave me this. A packet of Singapore Coconut Candies she got from London’s Chinatown. I am not a fan of coconut but I was grateful for her thoughtfulness all the same. It’s supposed to be famous, but have you ever heard of Singapore Coconut Candies? I haven’t!

A day in the life of…

September 12, 2010

It’s almost a week since my mother left and I’m surprised to say I’m still holding up well (well most of the time although I did have a big cry this morning).

R has been on night shifts this week, which means he’s not around at night and is in bed during the day. L and I have been pretty much on our own 24/7, which gets very tiring for me but is still manageable because I’ve at last introduced a routine to our lives. This makes things a lot more predictable and thus controllable.

I am quite particular about getting him in bed by 8pm at the latest because it means I can have at least have the evening to wind down and get ready for bed myself. So for those of you who want to have kids, this is how a mother’s day looks like, so be warned:

0730 – Baby gets up. Feed and change nappy. Have a bowl of cereal while playing with baby.

0900 – Clean up baby after he does his usual morning big poo. Put him in the rocker to sleep. Shower, have a cup of coffee, express breastmilk. Do the laundry, clean the bottles, replenish changing baskets with supplies of wipes and nappies, tidy up the house.

1030 – Baby gets up from nap. Feed and change him. Play with the baby or take him for a walk in the pram.

1200 – Put baby in the rocker for a nap. Grab a quick lunch – usually soup or a sandwich. Do the dishes, put the clothes in the dryer, express breastmilk. Relax by reading or watching a bit of television.

1400 – Baby gets up from nap. Feed and change nappy. Play with him and take him out for another walk in the pram.

1500 – Give baby a bath.

1600 – Baby may feel tired now and will have a short nap.

1700 – Give baby a small amount of milk. Keep baby entertained till 1900. Put food in oven. E.g. Jacket Potatoes or anything that is easy to cook.

1900 – Give baby a big feed and settle him for bed. Have dinner, do the dishes, bring the hot water flask, a jug of cold water, clean bottles and milk powder upstairs for the night feeds. Express breastmilk. Watch telly. Resettle baby if he wakes and cries.

2100 – In bed and reading. Baby sleeping soundly.

2130 – Lights out.

Travelling in threes

September 12, 2010

I was doing some research on travelling with a baby when I came across Travelling in 3s. It’s written by a Singaporean mother who takes her baby with on family holidays and offers loads of handy tips through sharing her experiences. I totally admire her guts for taking her baby trekking. Just the thought of our impending 13-hour flight (read: screaming baby, tired parents, annoyed passengers) is enough to freak me out.