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From bean to BIG!

August 28, 2010

My Bean has ballooned! It’s so hard to believe he was once only a few centimetres and had little buds as limbs. When he got checked over at the clinic before his vaccinations last week, he weighed 5.5kg and measured 59cm in length. Even the nurse said he had nice chunky thighs to put the needles in. The poor baby howled for a couple of minutes then settled down quickly. Although we were warned he could become unwell, he was pretty much his usual self the next couple of days. Nine weeks on, my bubba has thrived. I however, am still a walking zombie. Sleep sleep, where art thou!?

Boy’s party

August 24, 2010

Sorry for the delay, these pictures were taken at L’s one month tea party at our place on 25 July. He weighed only 3 kilos then and he is now 5 kilos! In the UK, we had red eggs, fried bee hoon, pizza, nachos and cake. In Singapore, egg-shaped ang ku kuehs (symbolising the birth of a boy) and blackcurrant cakes were distributed to our family and my mother’s friends. L is now 2 months old and he has learnt to smile, respond to sounds and hold his head up. How time flies!

August 20, 2010

He’s so pale and relaxed when he’s asleep. I laid down on the bed and put my face next to his one night. The sun was setting and the room was dim. He was lying on his side and fast asleep. When he’s in deep sleep, he makes little cute sucking motions, as if he’s dreaming he’s being fed. I stroked his little head and watched him suck away. At that moment, I was overwhelmed with love. I must admit I did not bond with him for weeks in the beginning. But now, I don’t ever want to be apart from my little bubba.

Thank you Lucien

August 20, 2010

Without you I wouldn’t have been able to spend every waking minute with my mother for the past 2 months. We don’t even do that in Singapore. As a result we have never been closer.

Without you I wouldn’t have learnt SO MUCH from my mother on how to look after you.

Without you I wouldn’t have realised how much my mother loves me and how much she is willing to do for me.

Without you I wouldn’t know how much she has been through for me.

Without you I wouldn’t be able to appreciate her the way I do now.

Without you I wouldn’t know I could actually function with so little sleep.

Without you  I wouldn’t have discovered I had the determination to endure in order to give you the best.

Without you I wouldn’t understand what is unconditional love.

Without you I wouldn’t have known what it means to be a mother.


August 14, 2010

坐月这会儿,妈妈过来帮我做饭,打扫卫生,看孩子。妈妈要照顾我,也要照顾宝贝。R如果隔天要上班,晚上不能和我一起照顾宝贝,妈妈就陪我熬夜,每几个小时起来喂奶,换尿片。白天,妈妈总是争取让我有休息的机会。她又是洗衣,又是做饭,又是炖补汤,又是哄小孩,一天下来根本没有属于自己的时间。前几天吃饭的时候,我说:“妈妈,你过几个星期回新加坡就能过回正常人的生活,在这里你太辛苦了。” 妈妈回答:“哎呀,一家人有什么要紧?” 一句简单的回答,却多么温馨。


今天宝贝喝完了奶,我抱他在怀里哄他睡觉。我唱起了《小白船》,轻轻地摇摇他,拍拍他。R开门进来,坐在了我身边。我见他不说话,抬头看了他一眼。他用一种我从未见过的认真眼神望看我。我问:“你怎么了?” 他说:“没什么。” 孩子睡了后,我再问他刚才是怎么了。他抱抱我,回答:”当有一天你成为老太太时,没有人会记得你曾静静坐在那儿摇着孩子,哼着儿歌。” 说完我们四目相投,他眼中竟泛着泪光,大男人难得感动了。

I read

August 4, 2010

Reading keeps me sane. I now hardly have time nor many opportunities to cook, bake, go shopping, travelling, surf the internet, get a pedicure, haircut or massage. The only way I relax now is to read. And I’m thankful I still can. The beauty of reading is you can take as long or as short as you like. If I have more time I can read a chapter. If I am tired I just read a few pages. When I read, I am not thinking of anything else. I can’t. I am in the story. I am the protaganist. I am living his/her experiences. I free my mind of everyday worries. Picking up a book at the end of the day is my little treat. I lie in bed and read till I fall asleep. What would I do without books?

Sleepless thoughts

August 3, 2010

When he’s asleep and it all goes quiet and I turn the light out, I lie down and try to get some rest. But my mind is a whirl. There are too many things to do and think about. Looking after Bean is manageable only because my mother is here to help me out. But she will be gone in a month. How will I cope on my own for a couple of weeks before we fly home? I haven’t sorted out his passport, nor gotten our air tickets. They are so expensive! I desperately would like to go away for a few days’ break. Can I leave him with my mother? His crying is peaking this week and he gets so wound up in the evenings. Should I take the full 9 months’ maternity leave instead of half a year as originally planned? But will we have enough money to get by? With the way things are now I don’t think I can go back to work full-time but everyone’s telling me things WILL get better as he gets older. Will they really? Oh I need to get more sterilising tablets and a new bottle brush. When he cries, what EXACTLY is he crying about? How do I know? How can I soothe him better? I need to register him at the GP. I need to arrange to do a thyroid function test for myself. I have to see the dentist again to get a permanent filling for the tooth which caused me problems during pregnancy. Oh and I need to pick up my tablets from the pharmacy. Geez I can’t wait to discontinue the iron tablets prescribed to me after my surgery; they make me constipated. And before I know it it’s time to get up again and feed the hungry hippo.