Apologies for the suspense!

Sorry I lied! I’m not going to reveal Bean’s name here but instead I will be doing it in a more personalised way so keep a lookout for snail mail in the coming weeks.

Bean is an animated, whiny baby who loves his milk and gets red in the face as he screams the house down if he doesn’t get his food fast enough. He’s also great at farting and pooping. At 3 weeks, he can hold his own bottle at times (!), suck his fingers loudly when he’s hungry and hold his head up briefly. He is also VERY strong for a newborn and can deliver painful kicks and punches.

R is back to work this week so I’m finding it really, really hard to cope. It’s like working both day AND night with hardly any breaks or time to myself. Last night I was so overcome with exhaustion I sobbed myself to sleep.

Still, there is so much we have to be thankful for. He was diagonsed with positional talipes or more commonly known as club foot when he was born, probably because of the way he laid in the womb. We were told he needed physiotherapy but within a couple of weeks – probably thanks to his constant kicking – it had resolved on its own.

He also had to endure getting a needle stuck into his tiny little hand to get bloods for a thyroid function test because I have a thyroid condition. Amazingly he was well-distracted by sucking on glucose syrup throughout the ordeal and hardly cried. His test results are normal and I can’t be more relieved to know he hasn’t inherited my medical condition.

Bean will be celebrating his first month this Sunday with a small tea party with R’s family at ours. I have no idea how we’ve managed to survive the past weeks with so little rest but it’s really amazing to see how much he has grown.

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pictures while I try to find time to get the mail in the post to you.

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3 Comments on “Apologies for the suspense!”

  1. estique Says:

    he has R’s eyes hor!!

  2. chloe Says:

    Your son is sooo cute :). Congratulations on becoming a mum!

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