Two years later

We moved into our house in 2008 and two years later I am proud to say we have FINALLY finished doing up the entire place. The house was in a habitable but uninspiring state when we moved in – we had all the basic necessities we needed i.e. fridge, stove, bed, bathrooms, but we had a ugly brown 15-year-old sofa, a miserable 14-inch telly and, 3 bedrooms filled with boxes or were left empty.

Money was definitely an issue when it came down to doing up the house. We had to pay for the wedding so we didn’t have extra cash to spare. But more importantly I think there was no real motivation or reason to spur us out of home improvement inertia. The only thing we did manage to afford was a grey L-shaped sofa which we paid off in several installments. Sure, bare walls and sparse rooms were boring but we didn’t feel inspired to get into action.We had jobs and bills to pay.

Then Bean happened, my mother-in-law left us and my Mum was going to spend the summer with us and WHAM! we were hit at the back of our heads to wake us from all that procrastination. The pregnancy hormones triggered the nesting instinct which led to endless nagging at my husband to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BLOODY HOUSE!

So we started with doing up Bean’s room in early April and then the guest bedroom a few weeks after. We took multiple trips to IKEA and spent ages assembling boxes of flat-packed furniture. I ran out of the room whenever R had to use the hammer because my mother was so superstitious that it might do harm to the baby. R of course laughed, sighed and rolled his eyes. At the end of all this DIY,  the sight or even the mention of the Allen Key made my stomach churn. Bleargh!

By the end of May, we had finished decorating and furnishing most of the rooms in the house. We converted a downstairs bedroom into a dining room. When I started my maternity leave at the beginning of June, I was able to devote 100% of my time to sprucing up our home. We accomplished so much in those 3 weeks alone.

These jobs weren’t mammoth tasks but time-consuming efforts to make a house feel like a home. Like organising where everything should be kept in the house (and getting R to follow these “rules”), getting photos printed and framed to be placed around the house, buying and planting summer plants and flowers, getting decorative items like clocks, lamps etc.

The last few days before my mother came, I went into a cleaning frenzy – scrubbing the bathroom, supervising the professionals who came to clean all my windows (inside and out), wiping down the kitchen surfaces. My right arm ached after all those days and hours of work yet I kept wanting to do more! I think I had a major nesting episode.

Having exhausted that last burst of energy (and bank account), I am now finally satisfied with the state of the house and am proud to share with you the fruits of our labour.

Mum’s room.

Living room.


Dining room. I really like the Laura Ashley wallpaper.


Front garden.

Straw for strawberry plants in the back garden.

Summer flowers!

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One Comment on “Two years later”

  1. sc Says:

    nice job cc! i hope all 3 of us can go visit one day. say hello to mummy.

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