R and I decided to explore an off-beaten track through some fields this afternoon after visiting the Garden Centre, thinking there might be a way out at the end of it so we can take a more scenic route home. But there didn’t seem to be another exit and we began to have this conversation.


C: Oh no, we are lost!

R: How can we be lost when you can see a main road across this field?

C: But we are lost. There is nobody here. The sun is beating down, we have no drinks or food, we are going to die out here!

R: Oh don’t be so melodramatic.

C: Hey this is like our very own series of Lost. But we need more characters.

R: Ok look there’s Fern, a plant, she can be a character.

C: OMG I need to pee like now.

R: Ok, go into the bushes then.

C: No, I’m not going into the bushes. People will see my bits and bum.

R: Don’t be ridiculous, there is nobody here.

C: No!!!! Ok wait, maybe I’ll use our big umbrella to shield myself.

R: Go on then.

C: No, I’m not going to expose my bum.

R: Here, look there’s a path to go into the bushes.

C: Yeah look at all the stinging nettles, I’m not going to wee there.

R: Ok, I’ll cut down all the nettles.

C: This is starting to sound like a poorly written sitcom. Let’s get out of here.

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