BBQ in the garden

Last weekend, I discovered that my husband has never had a barbeque. I was surprised! We always talked about having a barbeque in the garden when we get a nice warm day but up to yesterday, I hadn’t realised he was a barbeque virgin!

Since H came down from London to spend a weekend with us and the weather was pretty decent on Sunday, we decided to finally put the barbeque gear we bought ages ago to good use. I marinated some chicken drumsticks, defrosted a packet of salmon fillets and pork sausages and skewered some vegetables.

H and R took turns barbequeing while I just sat there to enjoy the food. We ended the evening by pigging out on a chocolate ice-cream cake with frozen raspberries while watching Night At The Museum on telly.

Staying with us in the suburbs was a break from H’s usual busy lifestyle in London and I think precisely because there wasn’t much for her to do around here, she had a relaxing time. She didn’t get up one morning till noon, after R and I had long finished our coffee and bagels and were just about to weed the garden. The rest of the time she spent lounging on the sofa reading her book while we continuously fed her with homemade food, snacks and drinks.

Before she had to go she moaned, “I don’t want to go home! I eat so well here.” Indeed, H’s fridge back home is almost always empty if not stocked with a few ready meals whenever I visit. “This is the single person’s lifestyle,” she told me. To which I replied, “Hey we may not lead exciting lives but you sure can’t say you don’t eat well at ours!”

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