I heart weddings!

We had a lovely time in Kent last weekend attending my Japanese friend, M’s wedding. She broke the news to me that she was going to get hitched at my wedding in Singapore last October. When all the guests had left and she came around to our room to chat over a bottle of complimentary champagne, we learnt about this lucky man she was about to marry. At first she said she might need my help with organising her big day but as it turned out, she was very much a capable bride so I didn’t need even need to lift a finger.

Because they had already registered their marriage in Japan earlier this year, they held a blessing ceremony in church followed by a six-table dinner reception in a hotel. The weather was beautiful and l was lucky I managed to buy a decent and inexpensive dress large enough to fit the watermelon.

Most of us are not from the area and quite a number of her guests had flown in from abroad, so a lot of us stayed for a night at the hotel. Apart from being really proud and honoured to be invited to the wedding, I also really enjoyed having a sort of mini-holiday with R, catching up with old friends from University and meeting her family and two lovely Japanese girlfriends.

Sadly my Japanese is non-existent for I think it would have been enjoyable chatting to her parents who were so nice to me and expressed such interest in my bump. Through a few words of English, Japanese plus hand gestures, I understood that they wanted me to send them a picture of Bean when he’s born and the last thing they said to me before we parted was, “Gambette!” Oh how I love that. There is simply no English equivalent for it.

I just love weddings. They always make me cry, they always make me believe in love, they are always the beginning of something special and sacred.

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One Comment on “I heart weddings!”

  1. sc Says:

    cc, you look wonderful. and hello there R!

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