A day at the barn

We had a staff meeting yesterday at Amelia Trust Farm, a city farm some 20 minutes’ drive away from our office. It was an experience – we had particularly good free-range egg sandwiches, homemade cakes but the aroma of fresh manure wafting through the meeting room at regular intervals made it a bit unpleasant towards the end. Still, I love animals and nothing’s better than being able to get up close and personal with them!

The wheels on the cart go round and round, round and round!

Meet the farm cat with a cute bushy tail.

Lovely piglets  having an afternoon snooze. They all have little curly tails.

Lots of ewes and their fluffy white lambs.

Mummy and Baby 27 were particularly friendly.

So were these two hairy brown donkeys, who were going to get their winter coats sheared off!

There were lots of chickens running around the place. They lay wonderful tasting eggs – it’s true that happy chickens lay yummy eggs and farm eggs taste way better than those we get in supermarkets.

Violet pansies remind us that summer is on its way!

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2 Comments on “A day at the barn”

  1. estique Says:

    all i can think of is….. pork chops, lamb chops, chicken chops.


  2. tintedglasses Says:


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