My kind of Sunday

I stayed home and in bed for most of the week because I was ill, but on Sunday I decided to head to the Farmer’s Market in Cardiff for a few hours. I took my red shoes with me and they met a red drink someone left at the train station.

It was a lovely warm day. I was wearing my £5 maternity dress and carrying my Cath Kidston peppermint green polka dot canvas bag. So I was happy.

There was freshly pressed apple juice on sale at the market.

Hey perhaps if you bought an apple tree, in a few years you could press your own juice.

Spring is my favourite season. Everything is so fresh, bright and cheerful.

Well except for this glum doggy.

But I love to see that everything is budding, sprouting, blooming, blossoming, growing, awakening.

After the Farmer’s Market, I dropped by the Chinese shop to get some ingredients to make dinner. When I got home I had a refreshing cup of jelly R made for me the night before.

Then we spent a few hours to build our outdoor garden table, put up the parasol, sit down to have a drink. After that we went back in to eat the vegetable curry I made for dinner.

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