I had a really awful night on Wednesday. For the first time in 13 years I vomited. Yuck I really hate the heaving but the relief you get afterward is worth the trauma.

Once again I was unwell when R had a long 16-hour shift ahead of him in the morning. Neither of us got any sleep. I began to feel ill after lunch. It started out as I thought a case of heartburn, but it didn’t resolve despite taking my usual remedies. It continued into the night and my stomach continued to feel tight, uncomfortable and painful.

R made me down some Gaviscon in the middle of the night and as soon as I swallowed that I felt the need to be sick. I made it to the toilet and threw up while R went to get some water to rinse my mouth. My stomach felt much better then so I managed to get a few hours’ sleep.

I called in sick in the morning and went to see the doctor because my stomach was still feeling bloated and painful, although it wasn’t as bad as before. She felt my belly and said the womb is all the way to the stomach and squishing against it, which is why there is this horrible feeling of discomfort. I am only going to get bigger so I’m afraid there is nothing I can do apart from eat small frequent meals and “really bland food” as recommended by the doctor.

She prescribed a liquid medication similar to but more effective than Gaviscon for stomach acidity. I took the medication after meals and spent the day in bed – sleeping, reading and staring out of my window at the beautiful sunshine.

While my stomach is feeling better, my strained abdominal wall muscles from the pain and vomiting have now become awfully tender, which makes walking, deep breathing and even burping all quite agonising.

God I am such a wreck now that I am pregnant.

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One Comment on “Blearggh”

  1. estique Says:

    hang in there!!!!! it’d be over very soon!

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