Just kill me

I never knew toothaches could be sooooooo bad.

I don’t proclaim to have good teeth – I have fillings everywhere, but until last week, I have never had such a terrible toothache. Okay, I admit I was in agony for a few days in 2005 because my wisdom tooth had nowhere to sprout but that was just a persistent dull, sore ache which resolved after my dentist pulled out my tooth.

But this pain was something else. It started suddenly a few weeks ago, after I chewed on some gum. And then it just got progressively worse, until one day I could not let anything touch that tooth (air, water, food, spoon, everything) because it was throbbing with pain, I was hyperventilating and I had my head buried in my hands. This was days before we were due to go to Barcelona and I told R there was no way I could go in this state.

I thought at that point what they said was true. Pregnancy could really cost you a tooth. I had no choice but to go to the dentist because I could not get past one day without painkillers stronger than paracetamol and I shouldn’t really be taking them when I am pregnant.

The dentist first gave me a jab in my gum to numb me because he wanted to drill into my temporary filling to see what the problem was. He couldn’t understand why with no decay and with such a small surface area (it is a pre-molar) the pain could be so intense.

The jab really hurt but it wasn’t very effective so he said he had to give me another one at the back of my jaw to block my nerves. At this point I told the dentist to just kill me. He didn’t but proceeded to jab me again in the gum as I let out a helpless yelp.

Then I sat outside feeling sorry for myself and waited with a swollen, numb mouth (and tried not to dribble) for the anasthetic to take full effect. I realised then why I hated going to the dentist – because I always end up leaving in the lamest, shittiest state stripped of dignity.

Thank goodness when I went back to the room again I felt absolutely no pain. If the dentist had said he was going to jab me again I would have killed him. So, he drilled away and said there was a crack in the tooth but he had got rid of it and filled the hole with more white temporary filling.

I was glad R came with me because it was really quite a traumatic experience. With my mouth still numb, I couldn’t talk properly but I could finally eat a proper meal in days as the anasthetic was still in full effect. I had a bowl of noodles when I got home.

When the numbness wore off, the tooth still felt sore but it was nowhere near anything as painful as what I had experienced before. Gradually the tooth got better and although it has almost recovered 100% now, I am still cautious when biting and chewing.

The dentist’s plan is for me to get a permanent mercury filling once I’ve had the baby because the temporary filling will only last a couple of months. I’m just hoping this is all the dental nightmare I’m going to get while I am pregnant. Nothing is more terrible than experiencing discomfort and pain but not being able to do anything for fear of harming the baby.

I guess the only consolation is dental work is free for pregnant women and up to 12 months after they’ve had the baby. The correlation between pregnancy and losing a tooth must have some truth to it then.

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4 Comments on “Just kill me”

  1. mw Says:

    oh no babe it sounds terrible!! do you know how your tooth cracked in the first place?

    • tintedglasses Says:

      No idea! Maybe just weakened from calcium deficiency? That’s what having babies do to you! šŸ˜¦

  2. mw Says:

    oh no that does not sound appealing at all!!! did you really ask the dentist to kill you??? šŸ™‚

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Yes I did really ask him to just kill me, while trying not to dribble and trying desperately to control the slackened muscles around my swollen numb mouth. It was very funny but not for me then! I tell you, the things we have to go through in pregnancy are sometimes so unbearable and horrible! Like one mother said, the next time she gets broody, she’ll get a horse to kick her in the fanny.

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