Enjoy a picnic indoors

This is such a great concept at Cafe du Pique Nique, given the constant wet, cold and gloomy weather we experience here in the UK. Unfortunately it will take me years to get off the ground in my current state but once I get rid of my ever-growing big bump, I’d love to check this place out! Via tommy.

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2 Comments on “Enjoy a picnic indoors”

  1. Chillie's Mom Says:

    This is truly a great idea. You have no idea how much I complain abt the lack of grass in HK. In fact I am going back to Sin on 6th Apr and the first thing I will do is kick off my shoes and walk around in my parents front yard. I wish someone would bring this idea to HK, it would be so bloody fabulous. Hmmm…I’ve always wanted my own cafe.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    It would be a great idea even in Singapore! Though we have fine weather and nice parks, it is too often too hot to have a picnic comfortably. Britain’s summer days are perfect for picnics and the abundance of green grass and the country’s scenic views are great – but sadly such nice sunny days are too far and few between!

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