The days after

I was surprised how promptly the girls organised a sympathy plant basket which arrived two days after they heard the news. I was at work when this was delivered and was really touched by the thoughtfulness of this unexpected gift when I got home.

I arranged for a big bunch of sympathy flowers to be delivered a few days later on behalf of my family, who wondered what they could do since they were so far away.

Plenty of cards got to us, by hand and by post, and it was definitely heartwarming to know so many people kept us in mind during this difficult time. I also heard from friends who wrote emails to send their condolences.

I didn’t go to the funeral, mainly because I didn’t think I could deal with my emotions. I stood by the window as everyone, in their sharp, dark suits, move silently to get into the shiny black limousine provided by the funeral directors. In front, the funeral hearse led the way. I sobbed and apologised to my mother-in-law for not being strong enough to be there for the ceremony, and as they drove away, I said my goodbye for the last time.

The first few days of getting used to being in an quiet, empty house was tough. So I busied myself in the kitchen. I made Chicken Macaroni Soup, brewed Bird’s Nest Soup and baked an Apple Tart. R kept himself occupied in other ways. He went on a shopping spree to buy baby-related items and within a few days we have got a pushchair, carry cot, car seat, foot muff, baby carrier, nappies, babygros, booties and tops.

Sometimes it saddens me to know R and I have only got one another now, of course this will change when the baby comes along, but it will take time for us to get used to the idea that there is now just, us.

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