Penang, oh Penang!

This is an overdue post on the two days we spent in Penang last month. I have quite a few other things to write about but time is an issue this month. Two of my weekends are completely taken up by a teacher training course, we are going to Barcelona next Saturday and on other days I am just too tired to want to do anything, but I’ll definitely make an effort to catch up on my blog tomorrow.

The reason we went to Penang was so that I could go to Kek Lok Si Temple and give thanks to the sea-facing bronze Goddess of Mercy for all the wondrous things which happened to us. It was the first thing we did after getting off the plane.

G Hotel where we stayed at along Gurney Drive was a splendid choice. We got a small scoop of complimentary ice-cream when we were filling in the forms at the hotel reception, which was a nice touch. We got upgraded to a huge Deluxe room which faces the sea and all the drinks in our mini-bar were free! At S$150 a night, we think it’s a real bargain and it has definitely become one of our favourite hotels to date.

The hotel is located next to a large mall so on the first day all we did after returning from the temple was to walk around the shopping centre, take a nap and go for a swim. The next day though we headed into Georgetown where all the old shops really brought back fond memories of my childhood days. But it got too sunny and hot for me by early afternoon so we headed back to the room for a snooze and then a quick dip in the pool in the evening.

The famous Gurney Drive hawker centre was just down the road so that was where we went on our first night. R had sambal stingray and oyster omelette (his new favourite dish) and I had Char Kway Teow, Penang Laksa and Wanton Mee. I didn’t really like the laksa this time round but I did enjoy my Char Kway Teow – it had great wok hei. For lunch the next day, I had the best chicken rice ever in the food court in Gurney Mall, washed down with a glass of delicious homemade lemon tea.

On our last night there I craved for Japanese food so we went to the Japanese restaurant in the hotel and ordered two of their dinner sets. I had salmon nabe, tempura, handroll and chawanmushi and gave my raw fish slices to R. There was too much food to be had but I absolutely satisfied my intense craving after months without Japanese food.

We were only away for two nights but it was such a relaxing little getaway where we didn’t feel pressured to sightsee or stick to any particular agenda. We slept most afternoons away in the wonderful large bed, hung around the mall in the evenings and simply enjoyed each other’s company. With its quirky little streets, mouthwatering food and relaxed tempo, I’ve got to say Penang is by far my most favourite Malaysian destination.

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