I didn’t think it would be so hard for me.

I made R shut her bedroom door because I can’t bear to walk past her empty bed.

The nights are the worst.

I see and think of her everytime I shut my eyes.

I remember what we have been through together and how I have looked after her.

I laid awake through the night and got up at 6am to cry.

I woke R and we went for a long walk around the countryside at 8am and then to McDonald’s for breakfast.

It was the first time we went for a walk in months.

The air was cold and crisp and being a Sunday morning, there was hardly anyone about.

I needed the walk.

There are now just the two of us in the house now, but why don’t I feel happy that we now have more space and privacy?

We can now do whatever we want, go wherever we want, at anytime we like.

And yet nothing comes to my mind.

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