The tale of Beatrix Potter

I watched Miss Potter again the other night and it has inspired me to buy all 23 of her little books. She was a woman so ahead of her time- from being true to herself and her beliefs, to supporting herself financially, to conserving the woodlands and farming practices, to producing the oldest licensed toy character from her books. I especially like this conversation she had with Millie Warne in the movie.


Miss Potter: Norman has asked me to marry him and I want your approval. Me and him, you know, you’ll be alone.
Millie: You have a chance for happiness and you’re worrying about me? I wouldn’t worry about you if…if someone came along who loved me and whom I loved, I would trample my mother! Do you love Norman?
Miss Potter: Yes.
Millie: Then marry him. Don’t you dare think about anyone else.
Miss Potter: But what about all the blessings of being alone?
Millie: Hogwash. What else is a woman on her own supposed to say? You have a chance to be loved, take it.

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2 Comments on “The tale of Beatrix Potter”

  1. Ms Argh Says:

    i bought the dvd years back and it is still in plastic wrap… hmmm… perhaps it’s about time.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    OMG! You have to watch it! Tonight! Wait no longer. You will love the movie! And all her cute characters.

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