So what did YOU do this year?

On the last day of 2009, that’s the question I’m posing to my dear readers, you, while the question for me is “So, what did I NOT do this year?” Perhaps it’d be easier if we did a recap.


January>> The major meet-the-parents-uncle-grandmother-auntie-cousin-cousin’s boyfriend-cousin’s girlfriend-domestic helper moment for R when we went home for Chinese New Year. Luckily he didn’t shit in his pants. He tossed Yu Sheng for the first time!

February>> Even though my family knew we were going to get hitched, I nagged and nudged and threatened and coaxed the poor bugger into asking my mother for permission to marry me. Of course he broke out in cold sweat and turned the colour of beetroot. At least he didn’t stutter. And my Mum said OK (reluctantly).

March>> I got my first pay cheque as a full-timer after converting from being a part-timer in February. I discovered the joys of gardening – I grew capsicums, tulips, hyacinths and they all bloomed in Spring!

April>> H came to stay with us over Easter and we went for a little hike up the hill, got up close to sheep and their lovely young lambs and sat down to afternoon tea in a country hotel. I went to the Singapore Day in London, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I met the Dim Sum Dollies and had such a great time pigging out on the local delicacies!

May>> I flew home to see my family and stayed for two weeks instead of one because my grandmother was very unwell. She had to sit in a chair to sleep, she was constantly in pain, she wouldn’t give up smoking, and she was miserable. Leaving her at the end of those two weeks was heart-wrenching.

June>> R and I celebrated our 10 years of knowing each other by going to Edinburgh for a few days. He had never been to Scotland and the weather was beautiful, so we really had a good time.I transformed my front garden into a colourful little area with pretty summer flowers. R reaped his plentiful crop of strawberries and we enjoyed them all through summer!

July>> On R’s birthday, it was a sunny summer’s day and we went for a lovely picnic on the top of the hill, overlooking the valley. Our boiler broke down so we had to use a polka-dotted watering can to shower for a few weeks until we got a new one installed. It was inconvenient, but seriously fun! My grandmother had a vascular operation to improve the blood supply in her lower limb and almost did not make it through. A tumour was also discovered in her brain.

August>> She very slowly got better and well enough to go home so I didn’t need to make an emergency trip back to Singapore. We went to London to have a meal with H and her beau at Nobu. We caught the wrong bus and almost missed our train back to Wales! R damaged my camera – this was the second camera he’d ruined in 12 months. I celebrated National Day with some Singaporeans in a country park and brought home some ketupat to make Lontong.

September>> A quiet month. Apart from my birthday celebration with R’s family, nothing much happened in September.

October>> We got married at the Sentosa Resort & Spa in front of family and close friends, and had a small lunch reception. We zipped off to Vietnam for our honeymoon a few days later and had a really interesting journey. I submitted all the paperwork for my spousal visa at the British High Commission but was told I needed an interview in December. R returned to the UK a week before I did because his mother’s health had taken a turn for the worse.

November>> On Tuesday, 10 November, R and I anxiously paced around the ensuite bedroom in our house, staring at a dish of urine. My urine. With a strip of paper immersed in it. And then we saw the two pink lines. Oh yes, we realised we were going to have a baby! And then we did this:

December>> Eating is now rarely an enjoyment, but it supposed to get better as the pregnancy progresses. I can no longer fit into my old bottoms so I have been frantically shopping for something decent to wear. You can read all about it here.

I flew back to Singapore to attend M & J’s wedding and I finally got my spousal visa after an interview in Kuala Lumpur. Sadly, my mother-in-law is gradually entering her final phase in life and we look after her at home.  When R goes to work I stay home, and when I go to work, he stays home. We rarely get to go out together and it’s never easy to see your loved one slipping away before your eyes. It’s been a really, really difficult few months for us both, and I feel totally wiped out but I am hoping the New Year brings us better luck and news.


Well, I hope you’ve had a slightly less eventful year than mine. Thank you for following me through yet another year. I wish you good health and luck in 2010, and may you be constantly surrounded by the happiness and warmth of family and friends, and living life to the fullest so that at the end of next year, you can be like me and ask yourself, “What have I NOT done this year?”

Happy 2010.

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