Chocolate pedicure

When I first started looking after my feet, I went to Hollywood Secrets at the old Scotts Shopping Centre. There, I met a Malaysian girl who was so good at her job but one day when I returned to look for her to do my toes, I was told she’d quit.

I thought I had to start looking for a new pedicurist all over again until I got a text one day from her out of the blue to say she was now working at a new nail place in Wheelock Place. From then on I went to see her every month without fail, even though there were so many other cheaper nail salons around town.

She works fast, takes no short-cuts, is friendly but doesn’t talk too much and most importantly she paints darn well and my pedicures usually last up to a month. Unfortunately, since moving to the UK, I haven’t had the luxury of getting my feet pampered every month. But whenever I am in town, I always made sure to visit her for some TLC.

Last week, I was on my way in a taxi to the nail salon for my appointment when I realised I had forgotten to bring my mobile phone. I was running late but had no way of informing the place.

So when I finally arrived, the receptionist told me they couldn’t get in touch with me so they had given my slot to a walk-in customer. It was 10.30am and I had just spent S$15 on cab fare for nothing. Naturally I was annoyed. No, in fact I was boiling mad, but I kept my cool.

“Aileen,” I said. “I have been coming here for the past 6 years and I have never missed an appointment. You should know that.”

“I didn’t know it was you. I asked around if anyone knew who this customer Cynthia was, and nobody said they knew which one,” came the reply.

“Well, look behind you Aileen, you see that Straits Times forum article you have cut out and stuck on the cupboard, praising the nail salon and the staff? I wrote that. Years ago. Now do you know which Cynthia I am?”

“Oh, erm could you come back later this afternoon perhaps?”

“No, I can’t come back later this afternoon because I won’t be free. I don’t live in Singapore and I can’t pop in any other day. I have never not showed up for my appointment, and this is how you reward a loyal customer, but giving her slot to a, walk-in?” I said with disgust.

“We are sorry.”

“Well I’d like to make an appointment for February now, and please, don’t ever cancel my booking.”

Later I was browsing in a candy shop in building when Aileen saw me and came to say hi. “Hey Cynthia, since you are so free, why don’t you come with me to our other outlet and have a look?”

I knew she was trying to make amends but she might just as well forget it with her terrible choice of an opening sentence. “Excuse me, I am so free?” Oh yes, that’s right, I am sooooooo free because I was shopping for chocolate in Orchard Road at 11am.

Er but wait. What should I have been doing, Aileen? In case you have forgotten because there’s isn’t enough space in your tiny brain to remember anything important, let me remind you again. I should be getting my pedicure if you hadn’t cancelled me, you wally, not shopping for bloody chocolate.

“No thanks Aileen,” came my reply. “But thanks for asking anyway.”

Sometimes the state of Singapore’s customer service depresses me so much I feel the need to chomp my way through a mountain of chocolate.

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5 Comments on “Chocolate pedicure”

  1. Kay Says:

    Hi! I know how annoying it is when you rush all the way to some place only find out that it was all for naught! How late were you – was it warranted for them to have given the slot away?

  2. chillie's mom Says:

    Aiyoh, Cynthia! I know what you mean. But let me reassure you that Singaporean customer service is leaps and bounds a million times better than in HK. And if you don’t ‘dress right’, you MUST be a maid and you cannot even get a snort out of them. Enjoy your holidays my dear.

  3. Annabel Says:

    Goodness the hormones are really kicking in!

  4. Ms Argh Says:

    looking for loyalty points in the wrong places dear… anyway, she is only a staff (right?) and just working for her keeps … she doesn’t make the poilcy.

  5. Mas Martine Says:

    I agree with Ms Argh, the girl is just staff…

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