Simple joys

Happiness is being jet-lagged, hungry and wide awake at 5am, creeping downstairs to get a Lao Po Bing and stealing a glance at Grandma who had her mouth wide open, arms slumped across her body, purring gently and sleeping ever so peacefully. I stood there for a good few minutes enjoying the sight. It’s wonderful to be able to see her enjoying a good night’s sleep.


Happiness is snacking on satay with Grandma just before dinner because she was too hungry to wait for my mother to finish cooking.


Happiness is being the only one who was crying my eyes out while watching M & J get married on Saturday. I was too happy for the couple, who finally tied the knot after 10 years of ups and downs. It was a wonderfully stylish do, with every single detail put together from scratch by the couple. The girls and I helped out too, and with the experience of two weddings in two months under my belt, I can proudly say I am getting quite pro at wedding duties and I love it too! Now I’m just waiting for S & B, the busy entrepreneurs to get hitched so I can have yet another round of fun and oh yes, tears.


Happiness is finally getting my 2-year spousal visa after months of agony and a 15-minute interview in Kuala Lumpur. However, if R ditches me during this time, I will have to be deported!


Happiness is being able to travel back to the UK without major delays despite the chaos caused by heavy snow and severe weather. In time for Christmas and with any luck it will be a first white one for me this year!


Happiness is being able to spend Winter Solstice at home and gorging on my Mum’s Tang Yuan. Happiness is also lugging back bottles of goodies Mum bought for me from Bee Cheng Hiang.


Happiness is knowing I will be back in Singapore again in 6 weeks!

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2 Comments on “Simple joys”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thank you so much for coming back just for the wedding babe! xxxx

  2. fefe Says:

    Pretty dresses and shoes!!!!!!

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