Party with your family

Last weekend we went to the Filipino Community Christmas Party, organised by R’s colleagues in the hospital. They get together every Christmas, dress their kids up in elaborate costumes and get them involved in dancing, singing and acting. It’s amazing how they manage to find time to organise rehearsals and prepare all that delicious buffet despite their gruelling work and family schedules! Being Catholics, it was no surprise to see there were plenty of little ones running about. And they were lovely. Cheeky but generally well-behaved and no matter what their ages were, there was  a place for them on the stage.  I kinda like this version of a Christmas party, where families rather than entertainment come first.

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2 Comments on “Party with your family”

  1. cmh Says:

    looking good you! (and R too. quite sharp.)

  2. mw Says:

    you look good!

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