They’re not Uggly, they’re Warm

I have been thinking about getting a pair of Ugg boots. Some people say they are Uggly, but that hasn’t been stopping them from flying off the shelves and garnering a strong celebrity following. Personally I think they can look great if you choose a style which is not too chunky so you can wear it with skirts and over slim-cut jeans.

I’m liking Whooga’s Chestnut Elegance Ugg Boot and their Gold Tall Ugg Boot which can both be rolled down to reveal the fluffy interior.

Made with sheepskin fleece, they have been rigorously tested in hot to cold extremes from -5° Celsius through to 35° Celsius, and Whooga’s Ugg boots were capable of maintaining an internal average temperature of a comfortable 22° Celsius at all times.

I desperately need a pair as winter approaches in the UK and my toes are always freezing in my normal shoes. I just found out that they are great for the British weather as some designs are water-resistant (great for the plentiful gloomy rainy days we have here)  and all of them come with rubber soles for a good grip. They are certainly essential footwear for those living in cold countries and for people living in the tropics, they are hardy, versatile shoes to bring while travelling to wintry climates.

Now for the good news! If you are like me, keen to get your hands on a pair to try out how good they are, Whooga are now giving away FREE Ugg boots to readers around the world! Simply click on the icon below to take part! I’m hoping I will win!

ugg boots uk

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3 Comments on “They’re not Uggly, they’re Warm”

  1. fefe Says:

    I wanted to buy a pair for myself when I was in Melbourne but realised it’s not worth the buy especially when I know I won’t get to wear it when I am back in a tropical country…

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Take part in the competition fefe, you might win a pair and when you come to see me in the UK, you have suitable footwear!

  2. TrishieKoh Says:

    Ugg boots are awesome…go get one, Cindy!

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