Grumpy old women

I’m really sorry. This may offend people but I really need a proper moan.

What is wrong with middle-aged women????

Why are they always so grumpy, moody and angsty whether they are single, married or divorced? Sure we all have bad days but they seem to have a hell lot more ‘bad days’ than the rest of us.

I know one who doesn’t say good morning when people arrive in work and sighs loudly every like two minutes or something ridiculous. Everytime I approach her about some adminstrative query, she looks like I’ve asked to borrow her entire life savings so I can buy an endless supply of sex aids.

And then with other women, I have had to cheer them up with silly antics, pander to their likes and dislikes, brush off the unkind words they seem to only be able to utter. Why can’t they relax and just look on the bright side of things?

Of course I know not all of them are like that, but I’ve met too many who are. Curt, cold and constipated. I think what they need is a REAL proper good shag.

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6 Comments on “Grumpy old women”

  1. Ms Argh Says:

    I suppose the lesson to be learnt here is… we shouldn’t give anyone a chance to say the same of us when we do reach that age…

    I know about the sighing type and she is not even in her mid-30s. It’s just her way to make things sound sooo bad and she is sooo over-worked… SOUND

    I also know one lady who chooses the people she wants to greet and grunt … tested.

    Of middle aged women who behaves bimbotic but actually are survivors…

    Women who show you the frown when you say something ‘naughty’ and have children in toil…

    Have you ever heard of middle-aged women who squeks at fellow colleagues for that mistake but when proven wrong (colleagues were right) they only whisper… is it, I didn’t know that … and do not apologise…

    Don’t get me started about women… hey maybe this is a good topic to blog… ok… hehehe

  2. estique Says:

    hahaaa…. i shall reserve my comments…later u say i angsty..and i’m not even middle-age! hahahahahahahaa πŸ™‚

  3. estique Says:

    btw..irrelevant..but the bk u’re not reading..THree Cups of tEA…. i was reading it…got bored of it..loaded to yeefen…and she got bored of it. let us know if u got thru the whole bk. HEEHEE.

    • tintedglasses Says:

      It does need quite a bit of concentration to get through but some parts are quite good. It’s taking me a bit of time to read. I’ll let you know if I do get through it!

  4. izchan Says:

    I love the part with the endless supply of sex-aid.
    Its funny … πŸ™‚

    And yes … thats why we call them OLD WOMAN. πŸ™‚

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