Conversation with R #2

R, I want a pet.

What do you want?

I don’t know. Goldfish? Turtle? Rabbit?

OK. Go ahead. But what are you going to do if we move?

Well bring it with us. If you have children you’d bring them with you.

Don’t be ridiculous. Have you seen anyone with a goldfish on an international flight?


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6 Comments on “Conversation with R #2”

  1. Annabel Says:

    Hahaha he has a point! Get kitties!

  2. Ms Argh Says:

    u don’t see the pets on an international flight because they are all in the cargo hold. Goldfish is good…ask him why he wants a pet…

  3. mw Says:

    cats are the best!

  4. estique Says:

    ms Argh.. i don’t think its R that wants the pet…its C. haha

    dun get fish duh!

  5. fefe Says:

    I think he just wants that undivided attention from you lol….

  6. izchan Says:

    I just love his responses …

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