Conversation with R

You have mascara on your eyelids.

It’s OK.

No it’s not. You always have that smeared on your eyes. Everytime.

Nobody can see.

Of course they can. I can see two black dots on your eyelids.

Oh never mind.

You need to be aware of that.


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3 Comments on “Conversation with R”

  1. Kay Says:

    When the mascara doesn’t dry and you blink? I get that! And I think nobody can see but maybe that’s just me because each time I blink, I also can’t help but close my eyes.

  2. estique Says:

    hahah… u have an attentive husband! =)

  3. wallfleur Says:

    once saw a woman with a huge sticker or something stuck on her hair. she was talking to a man, her boyfriend or husband it looked like, and he failed to notice or tell her.

    at that point, i thought, what is the point of being with a man who can’t even tell you that there’s a huge sticker stuck embarrassingly on your head?

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