Happy Halloween!


11.30am. Sawed off the top of the pumpkin to get inside.


11.45am. Scooping out the flesh in the pumpkin to make soup later.


12.00pm. Drawing the face and carving the pumpkin.


6.00pm. Pumpkin sitting at the entrance of our house, attracting some local kids.


8.00pm. Enjoying pumpkin soup with naan bread and sundried tomatoes.

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4 Comments on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    The meal sounds delish!

  2. Very nice blog! Keep up the good blogging!

    I hope you can come visit my blog sometime.


  3. Ms ARGH Says:

    I noticed u used a spaggetti ladle to scape out the pulp… would a metal ice-cream scoop be a better choice… as least u don’t get a scratchy look… I so envy the chance of getting a cheap large pumpkin unlike here… we only buy segments… pumpkins are expensive.

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Ms Argh, you are very observant, then again I expect nothing less from you! You are right, an ice-cream scoop would have been a better choice but we don’t have one at home and so we had to make do. The spaghetti ladle worked well to scrap out the flesh and since the inside is only used to contain a candle and the exterior of the pumpkin lantern is what really matters, we couldn’t be bothered about the “scratchy look”. Sadly pumpkins are only cheap around Halloween and these are only good for decoration. I made soup with the flesh and it wasn’t even sweet! Better cooking pumkins are those with greenish skin and intense orange flesh. The last time I bought a segment from the market, it cost me £3.

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