Chicken nuggets

The first time I went to R’s house was in summer 2007, when I came to the UK to attend my graduation ceremony. We had broken up for two months just before that. Then that afternoon, when we saw each other again, we both realised how much we didn’t want to let go.

He showed me around his little bungalow, we went for a walk around the fields, and we came back to the house to have dinner. All he had in the fridge were some chicken nuggets and soup. So the first meal  I had as a guest at his house was, chicken nuggets with ketchup.

You know how some men who live on junk food and takeaways would actually try to whip up a gourmet meal if a girl was coming around, just to impress her? Er, not my husband. Alright, to be fair he did suggest we go to the supermarket to buy some fresh ingredients but I was really quite contented with the chicken nuggets.

But this has now become our private joke. The other night I was rooting through the freezer for something I could have for dinner and I found some… chicken nuggets! So I said in a thick American accent, “I think I’m going to have chicken nuggets tonight. Just like the very first meal I had at your house. All you could offer me was chicken nuggets!” We both burst out laughing.

But I do like chicken nuggets. They have a very special place in my heart.

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