Halfway round the globe

I almost didn’t make it back to the UK. My Settlement Visa took longer than I expected to process and I had to pause the application to retrieve my passport in time for travel.

To cut the long story short, I got my passport back from the High Commission only hours before I was due to fly out. I then had to rush to the airport straight from the visa office. That wasn’t fun.

Plus I’d need to return to Singapore to attend an interview with the immigration officers some days before Christmas to determine if I should be granted the visa. All this will cost me my time, effort and money, which I honestly don’t mind, as long as I get my visa.

My Air Asia X flight back to London from Kuala Lumpur was nothing inspiring. Still there was little to complain about the journey. Despite the lack of inflight entertainment, pillows, drinks and decent food, it was a pretty smooth ride, which in my opinion, is the most important factor in determing the quality of air travel. I have been in the air with world-class airlines which shuddered and swayed due to turbulences and being strapped in our seats for hours was definitely not fun, no matter how good the films and games were.

The low cost terminal in KL though, was vile. Being there certainly made me feel I was at the rock bottom of the cattle class. It was hot, crowded, disorganised and frankly, undesirable.

I was intially supposed to fly with R but he had to head home a week earlier than expected as his mother fell ill. So I had an extra seat next to me on the flight and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible. The plane landed on time at about 11pm but it was too late for me to catch a bus home. Instead, I put up at a newly opened airport hotel, took a fresh hot shower and tried to get a few hours’ sleep. It was a good plan as it was only when I laid down on the bed did I realise how “travelled out” I was.

I made it home the next afternoon after a very long bus ride. We spent some time yesterday evening going through all the wedding cards, vouchers and presents we received. Among them included an outdoor garden table and chair set, photo frames and a jewellery box.

This morning, I went back to work and seemed to have successfully fended off the effects of jet-lag with a bottle of Diet Coke. But I haven’t found the energy to cook yet, so dinner tonight was half a sandwich from yesterday and half a jacket potato from lunch this afternoon, plus a banana and a cup of Milo.

It’s 7.37pm and I’d be heading to bed soon. I think the holiday euphoria and caffeine is starting to wear off.

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