A familiar feeling

I don’t remember exactly how many years we have been going there. It must have been at least five. We rarely seem to go to another restaurant or another outlet even. We never have to wreck our brains over where to go for a meal when we want to catch up. For us it is always the first and most obvious choice.

A place to sit down and update each other on our lives, laugh loudly and get so caught up with talking we forget about ordering. A place we share life’s ups and downs, our latest observations and insights, plans and visions, feelings and experiences.

It was the place I shared about my teaching journey, the place where we discussed my wedding plans, the place where I moan about R to the girls, the place M shared with us how J proposed to her in London, the place S told us about her boutique’s developments, the place we tried to help J along when for a little while her life hit rock bottom. It was also the place where we saw J pick herself up and blossomed into a fabulous teacher, the place we laughed about what happened on my wedding day, the place now to discuss M’s plans for her big day coming up in December.

Each day we get on with our daily lives and as everyone get busier and busier with work and family commitments, we have fewer and fewer opportunities to catch up. But when we do, in this place, it doesn’t matter what jobs we hold, what lives we now lead, where we now live, we are just US. That moment, that time, is OURS. We don’t have to pretend to be something we are not, we don’t have to hold ourselves back, we are simply, who we are.

I’m wondering if other groups of girlfriends too like us have their favourite and regular haunts. I know my Mum and her pals do. They meet every Chinese New Year’s Day for Afternoon Tea at the Marriott.

I have only realised it is such a wonderful, wonderful feeling, when you’ve been apart for so long but when you regroup, you discover the synergy is still there and the dynamics are the same. The Ching-Chong girl is still her animated self, occasionally peppering her speech with Hokkien vulgarities, the manager gets teased incessantly for her silly antics by the quick-witted teacher whose sharp remarks often make us bend over in stitches.

We are all gradually moving into a different phase in life, with more responsibilities and commitments now on our plate. But it would be both magical and wonderful to be able to see that place, that moment, those people and their friendship and loyalty to each other, stand the test of time.

Our place is Sushi Tei, Paragon. We often are the last customers to leave.

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3 Comments on “A familiar feeling”

  1. Friendship brings a lot of joy in our lives. Above this, it will be the source of great fun and enjoyment. There are many times where you just make plans with all your friends to spend the day together. A friendship fun day is a time to forget all the serious issues in your life and get a chance to wind, as you seek to have fun.

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  3. mw Says:

    It really is a wonderful place that we’ve grown so comfortable with. I realised with a recent encounter that it takes time to build the type of friendship we have. Sometimes we are so close and comfortable with one another, we forget how far we have come. And only when someone else tries to share the same friendship with me, I realise this sort of comfort level and closeness does not happen over night.

    With you gals, despite our varied paths and personalities, I know I can always count on you and when I’m down, you guys will always always cheer my up. And I can be myself when I am with you, so silly that no one would believe what I do for a living or how I can be effective at it hehe 🙂

    Love you babe, love the marvelous four.

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