It feels so strange to be married, although I surprised myself by not shedding a single tear throughout the whole day until I was eventually overcome by emotions when I climbed into bed at 9pm after I washed off the can of hairspray in my beehive and my coat of make-up. There I sobbed uncontrollably in my husband’s arms, although I was unsure what I was crying for.

Yesterday I started the day at 5.30am with hair and make-up lady coming to get me ready. The groom and his male entourage arrived at my place at 7am and had to pass a series of games and tasks before my bridesmaids allowed him upstairs to my room to see me and present me with my hand bouquet. We then went to the temple together for a short blessing ceremony before heading to the hotel for the solemnisation.

The Sentosa Resort and Spa, just off Singapore’s coast is beautiful, and we were married outdoors on the lawn in front of about 50 family and friends. Thankfully the weather was cloudy so R didn’t get toasted in the sun. The wedding buffet was ample and looked and tasted terrific. No major gaffes (though even he agrees his speech was lousy) and all seemed to have enjoyed it.

We had a free night’s stay at the hotel thrown into the package and the room was frankly pretty luxurious, and even though the complimentary fruit and champagne were mainly consumed by friends (with our wholehearted approval) we made the most of it.

After a relaxing morning and a terrific breakfast this morning (it included a honeycomb for toast!) we longingly departed after a late checkout. Tomorrow we will leave for Hanoi, Vietnam for a 5-day holiday and I’ll be sure to update you on our adventures after that.

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2 Comments on “Married!”

  1. Eric Yam Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! All the best in your marriage. =)

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