Birthday week


I was a little sad that a few people forgot my birthday this year, but I was surprised how many actually remembered! I had a big bunch of flowers from R in the morning, along with a few cards which came in the post. My Danish friends made me a cute card using photos taken from my Facebook and some others we took almost a decade ago in Uni.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came from Em, who bought me a £50 Cath Kidston voucher. I hadn’t expected her to get me anything because she already gave me a red packet in advance when I saw her in May, but when I phoned her up, she said she totally forgot she had already given me my present earlier in the year!

It means so much to me for her to remember my birthday and I felt really touched and bad at the same time that she got me such an expensive present. As a full-time Mum to two children, it’s not like Em has lots of spare cash to throw about and I am still terribly bowled over by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

We had a small gathering at R’s sister’s place in the evening and had cake and champagne together because I happen to share my birthday with another member in her family. When we came home later that night, R made me fruit salad with Bailey’s as a special treat.

Another card arrived in the post on Wednesday; it was from my mother. When I went back to work on Thursday my colleagues gave me some chocolate and a card which everyone signed. I also got a card from the design company we work with. My boss sent me several emails to wish me Happy Birthday because he said you can never hear enough of it. On Thursday evening R took me out to the local pub for a meal. I didn’t like the food I ordered but it was nice to go on a date and spend time talking to each other during our 70-minute round trip walk to the restaurant.

My aunt’s friend who now lives in Cardiff texted me on Wednesday to say she had a present for me all the way from Singapore. My aunt had given her something to bring to me on her recent trip back to Singapore. We met today at the train station to exchange gifts. I bought her a box of chocolates to thank her for doing me the favour and she gave me the present my aunt had prepared for me. It was a crimson Longchamp bag, an unexpected surprise and I really liked it.

Tomorrow I will be treating myself to a hair cut.

Even though I would have liked more family and friends from home to have remembered and got in touch with me on my birthday, I can’t really say I had a bad one this year. I suppose it’s just, different, like any other year.

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