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August 31, 2009







We spent Saturday in London, trawling the streets of Portobello Market once again since R has never been. Later that afternoon we met H and her boyfriend for lunch at the well-reviewed Nobu restaurant. The Bento Set with a generous serving of fried shrimp, seared tuna, teriyaki cod and assorted sushi was delicious. With more than enough to eat, I was amazed we still found room for dessert – the Chocolate Bento with warm chocolate cake and matcha ice-cream.

After food, we took the tube to the posh Sloane Square for a wander before catching the the bus to the train station. It took us some time before realising the bus was travelling toward wrong direction, and we almost missed the train back to Wales had we not dashed through the streets. Not a very glamourous end to the day trip but at least we got home.

Looking forward to our next trip where H will treat us to afternoon tea at The Dorchester.

What a tart

August 30, 2009


It’s easy to get ready made puff pastry dough from supermarkets here so I bought some to make my own roast vegetable tarts. I love it that it’s so quick, healthy and easy to make and it tastes great too. I might use the same dough to make apple strudel or tuna puff next. Stay tuned.

Sail away

August 28, 2009



You don’t need to buy expensive toys or sophisticated things to keep kids entertained. I know because I grew up riding a bike, catching spiders and playing with toy soliders. This is such a great tutorial on how to make sailing boats with empty drink cartons, by a very cool mum. Reading this made me wish I had a kid to try it out with!

Have you met..

August 26, 2009

Picture 1

Duke Orange, Singapore’s most famous blogging, twittering cat? He was adopted by a video production company in Singapore, and his job duties include KLKK (kia lai kia kee – walk here and there) and keeping everyone company. Check him out here and here. So cute!

Broken again!?

August 25, 2009


I damaged my Fuji Finepix F30FD when I fell into the river while canoeing last summer and this summer, I broke its replacement, the Fuji Finepix F100FD during a freak accident while picking wild blackberries. Well, what can I say apart from, WHAT THE HELL?! Not again! My camera is my most important accessory and I feel so lost without being able to snap away when I want to. Still, it’s a perfect excuse to get yet another camera and I have my eyes set on this, the Panasonic Lumix LX-3. For now, finances are tight but when the time is right, I’ll be keen to play around with this camera with full manual control, low light and macro abilitles.

Time lapse

August 20, 2009

I really like this video put together by Yeo Wee Han. It makes me miss and love Singapore and its bright, beautiful lights. Found on Black*Eiffel. Be sure to turn up the sound.

DIY Lontong

August 13, 2009



I was encouraged and inspired by the Singaporean girls in Wales to make Lontong with my leftover ketupat from the National Day picnic. So this evening I fried my ikan bilis, made my sayur lodeh, boiled my eggs and R and I sat down to have Lontong! It was very authentic too.