Idiot’s guide to showering with a watering can






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6 Comments on “Idiot’s guide to showering with a watering can”

  1. TrishieKoh Says:

    Oh no!! Hope you get the boiler fixed ASAP. But thank goodness you have an awesome watering can…it’s too cute.

  2. mw Says:

    omg what happened? thank goodness it isn’t deep winter

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Boiler broken down – i.e. no hot water and heating. But thankfully it’s not winter so don’t need heating. Showering is a pain but we will have a new working one hopefully mid-week!

  4. estique Says:

    1 watering can – can take a full shower ar?

  5. tintedglasses Says:

    Aiyoh estique of course cannot take full shower with just one full watering can lah. Need to keep refilling with hot water and cold water, but I’ve found that I can shower (including shampooing my hair) with only 2 litres of hot water and possibly 5 litres of cold water.

  6. izchan Says:

    all I have to say is ..

    thats a very sexy arm … 😛

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