Will I ever learn?

I am glad I stuck with the plan to visit H in London this weekend. We went to Covent Garden and then shopped around Regent Street before grabbing dinner at Chinatown.

It was really nice to break away from the normal routine and do something different. I realised that I really needed those few days to give myself a little break from the incessant worrying.

I find myself experiencing bursts of ups and downs. There would be moments where I would be so engulfed by fear that I break down and sob uncontrollably, even if that meant I was on the train. And then there would be times where I would be positive and confident that things weren’t as bad as I made them out to be.

For now, there are no plans for me to return home to see my grandmother. Her condition has stabilised more or less, and she is starting to perk up as time goes by. Her foot is starting to recover slowly and I hope she will soon get her appetite back too. However she continues to have her fits, which will now have to be controlled by anti-epileptic medication.

I’ve come to realise that while I have been blessed with many abilities and very often the right approach on life, I have zero skills on dealing with illnesses, fragility and death. And I suspect I may never will.

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One Comment on “Will I ever learn?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I think no one has the ability to be immune to such events. There’s nothing wrong in breaking down sometimes. We all need to cry just a little to make ourselves feel a little better. =D

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