First stop: Factory outlet selling tartan wool scarves and blankets.


Cute picture in the War Museum in Edinburgh Castle.


The little dwarf along the Royal Mile.


I heart tartan mini skirts! But I had no time to get any.


The fabulous sunset at 9pm.


We stayed at the West End, which is home to the very picturesque Dean Village.


It was so Italian or French countryside that we almost forgot this was the supposedly wet and cold Scotland.


I was mesmerised in Cath Kidston while R said it made him gag.


We left Edinburgh with some handmade fudge.

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3 Comments on “Edinburgh”

  1. TrishieKoh Says:

    Loving the tartan scarves…this post reminds me that I do have a tartan skirt from edinburgh though i have NO idea where it is. Must search next time i’m back in Singapore.

    You called yourself a dwarf..haha, you so cute lah.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    I bought two wool scarves and a big wool blanket! I love wool and I love tartan. Scotland’s great!

  3. Phil Says:

    chanced upon your blog. nice to read about a singaporean experience in that part of the world.


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