We first chatted online and exchanged a few brief emails as I wanted more information before my week-long holiday to the UK and he was keen to find out more about Asia.

On the first day that I arrived in London, we met at the British Museum and then to the pub for a cola. He bought me a rose. That was 10 years ago, on 15 June.

We both haven’t been back to the British Museum since that day a decade ago and should really mark the anniversary by revisiting the place, but instead, we headed to Edinburgh for a short two-day getaway last Thursday.

It has been a turbulent ride, some of which I have documented in this blog and most of which I haven’t. Lots of tears, fears, pain, hurt but plenty of fun and good times too.

There have been a number of major milestones over the years, with another significant one coming up in October and sometimes when I think about it, it amazes me that despite all odds we are still together.

We have chosen a road less taken and thank you friends who’ve accompanied us on this journey!

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3 Comments on “…”

  1. tsl Says:

    wow. tt sure is a long time!

  2. hazel Says:

    This is so sweet! Well Edinburgh seems like a magnificent place. Have fun exploring the place 🙂

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