Cat got my tongue II

She wanted to talk about “our dealings” with each other so we sat in the meeting room for two hours talking about what happened on Monday.

She started out by saying she didn’t understand why I had to be so angry or upset about her not being able to make the trip. Afterall, it wasn’t personal or intentional. I should have answered my phone when she kept ringing me because she wanted to provide me with information I needed for the presentation.

She also asked me the following questions:

  1. Was I exploiting her mistake?
  2. Was I after her job?
  3. Was I trying to be a martyr?
  4. Was I trying to claim credit?
  5. Why wasn’t I more knowledgeable about the project?

She also said my tone and attitude was very bad when I spoke to her on the phone when she couldn’t make it for the train. I basically told her very angrily, “It’s the second time you’ve missed something important.” She said it wasn’t in my place to say that to her. I am not her line manager, not her boss. I had no right to tell her off.

I told her I had no interest in climbing the corporate ladder, hell, I just want to do my job right. I always offer to help because I don’t want us to miss deadlines and the team ends up looking bad. I do it for the team, not so that I can look shiny. And the comment about she didn’t understand why there’s a need for me to be so angry, just stumped me. It’s not brain surgery, but wasn’t it quite obvious why?

We managed to resolve the issues at the end of our meeting where she promised to be more reliable so I can trust her, she also said she needed time to see if she could trust me (?).

I don’t know. Sometimes I get really disturbed when I discover people think like this and I left for home speechless once again.

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3 Comments on “Cat got my tongue II”

  1. TrishieKoh Says:

    I’m speechless too!
    Geeeez….what a nut.

  2. izchan Says:

    its going to get worst before its even going to get any better.

    trust me.

    Been there.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Gawd I hate the word trust. It’s so bloody over used. I feel angry for you too cause I know how it is.

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