Memories of the road travelled


I think Portobello Road is one of the very few places on earth which is special to me, largely because of the happy memories associated with walking down the street. The place has stayed the same for years, yet I always manage to discover something new each I time I visit and I can never grow tired of going there.

I was 20 when I first went to Portobello Road, having recently arrived in the UK as a student. Together with A and S, friends from home who were also new to the country, we frequently explored the market on weekends.

I remember buying a purple waterproof coat for £15 in a shop at the start of the market, close to Notting Hill. Thinking back now, I have no idea why I was possessed to think the coat was nice. It was so hard to match with anything I had and it hardly ever kept me warm. But then I was young, impressionable and adventurous, and I was too keen to lap up all the quirky things Portobello had to offer.

We would take breaks from shopping in the tiny Starbucks on the main road, and when we were hungry, we would get delicious mushroom and spinach crepes from the roadside stall.

It’s interesting to note that though I have aged, Portobello still holds great fascination for me. As my tastes and styles evolve over the years, I find myself taking notice of stalls I wouldn’t have as a student. While I still enjoy snuffing out good bargains, I’ve steered clear of clothing on recent trips and instead kept a lookout for interesting items of jewellery. And instead of French crepes, I’ve moved on to Spanish churros, enjoyed with a small cup of hot chocolate sauce.

Perhaps Portobello is close to my heart because it’s a place I’ve always been with friends and never on my own. A street I walk down with different pals  over the eight years, and each time is always a wonderful experience.

Perhaps it is a heartwarming reminder of the relationships I’ve put effort into developing and maintaining over the years. And just like I never seem to grow tired of Portobello Road despite the changing times, I am only beginning to treasure the friendships made with the people who have accompanied me on our journeys.

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4 Comments on “Memories of the road travelled”

  1. izchan Says:

    Something that is totally unrelated.
    That pair of legs looks very nice.

    I think I might just blogged about something similar soon.

  2. joji Says:

    you, lady, write real nice. been there once, bought two silver spoons from an antiques shop. i still have them. i still love them. got drunk at a dank, little bar. thanks for bringing all that back.

  3. Chillie's Mom Says:

    When I was 4 years old, many, many, many years ago, my family and I flew to visit my uncle who had gone to London to study and had not returned. I was meeting him for the first time and I was scared. He lived somewhere at Portobello Rd with his very hippy wife. This would have been the early 70’s.

    I forgot all about that strange first encounter with my very British, very white, very wierd aunt but you brought it all back for me. Thank you.

    They now lead a more respectable, (hopefully) drug free life in Kent.

  4. cmm Says:

    the crepes and those walks. so nice to think about them now..

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