Thank you, Singapore!

28 April 2009, 3:36pm

To the organising committee of Singapore Day 2009 in London,

I have to say a big Thank You on an event so well-organised and executed. From the ERP gantry, to the red plastic foldable mats, to the Chope wet tissues and colourful T-shirts, everything was so well thought out and lovingly created.

All throughout the day, I kept thinking about how much hard work you must have put in in order to create such a flawless event, and I felt I must write to congratulate you on the event’s success, and to let you know how much your efforts are being appreciated.

My eyes brimmed with tears as I queued up at the hawker stalls, looking at the elderly aunties and uncles concentrating on preparing their best dishes for us, thinking, “Do you know what? It could be the first time they took a plane and came half-way around the globe, just to cook for us.”

One Auntie kept apologising saying, “Due to the lack of certain ingredients in the UK, I’m afraid my Char Kway Teow may not be as good as it is back home.” I told her, “Don’t you worry about that, we hardly get a spread of authentic food like this, I know it will be delicious.”

I enjoyed being in the company of other Singaporeans, laughing at jokes cracked by local comedians which only Singaporeans would understand, and relishing the warm, fuzzy feeling of being well looked-after by my country and fellow countrymen.

I laughed, I cried, I am touched and to quote what David Gan said in the video, “Yes they may think it’s great to live overseas, but when they have a drink or two, they will still say, ‘I miss home’.”

Thank you for such a splendid day.



29 April 2009, 4:25am

Thank you for the email. You speak of all the “ingredients” of Singapore Day which does include that “warm, fuzzy feeling” as you correctly put it.

It is great that the efforts are noticed and appreciated. And if there’s anything that the Overseas Singaporean Unit can do for you and your family- remember to get in touch with us.

Best regards

National Population Secretariat

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6 Comments on “Thank you, Singapore!”

  1. wallfleur Says:

    sounds wonderful. i think singapore day is a great idea.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Thanks Meredith] I think so too! I had so much fun. Photos in next post!

  3. estique Says:

    fwah! i never knew there’s an Overseas Singapoean Unit .. maybe get them to send some local food over regularly? heehee

  4. joji Says:

    awesome, and im really impressed with their reply. glad you had a great time too.

  5. Hossan Says:

    It was a pleasure being there with fellow Singaporeans and entertaining everyone. Indeed, if you have any suggestions or concerns, get in touch with the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU), they’re there to help!

    • tintedglasses Says:

      Wooo hooo…is that really you, Hossan? Thanks for popping by. I really enjoyed the entertainment and so did my friend who saw the Dollies and you for the first time!

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