WAGs’ night out

Through Facebook, I got to know two Singaporean girls who are married to Welshmen and living in Wales. On Friday, we met and headed to the Chinese supermarkets in search of Asian food items.

Kris, who has been living here for a 10 years, showed me where to get Singapore’s DoDo frozen fishballs and ready made carrot cake while Sher, a Malay girl pregnant with her first child, introduced me to Brahim’s range of cooking sauces. I also picked up a nice bunch of kang kong and a big bag of choi sum.

We then headed to Bali, a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant famous for its over-zealous waiter, for some authentic sambal prawns, vegetable curry and sago with gula melaka, as they offered me good advice on the process of obtaining my spouse visa.

It was lovely being in the company of fellow Singaporeans and and to be able to exchange experiences about our Welsh partners. I laughed when their jaws dropped with envy after I said we mainly have seafood at home, because both their husbands refuse to eat anything with creatures from the ocean.

After our meal, we tried to find a nice cafe to have a cup of coffee before catching our trains home but unfortunately at 2030, the only places which were open were pubs and restaurants.

Peering through the glass windows of a lifeless Starbucks, Kris lamented, “It’s during times like these that I wish I was home, where we can go to a quiet place to have some coffee.”

Walking through crowds of boisterous men and skimpily dressed young women in their high heels ready for a night out, I suggested going to the coffee lounge of a newly opened hotel. Only a stone’s throw from the crazy mobs, the place was completely deserted and the waiter looked almost relieved to see some customers.

There, we were finally warm, relaxed and over cups of coffee, we reminisced about home.

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One Comment on “WAGs’ night out”

  1. cmm Says:

    this is nice. 🙂

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