All the way, just for the day

dscf23861 0900. We had to wake at 0400 (?!) to catch our flight to Edinburgh on an empty stomach and mind, that is why are so glad to find this greasy diner when we arrived at Haymarket. The boys had a big fry-up while I settled for an egg sandwich. Copious amounts of coffee later, we were finally alive enough to head to our meeting.

dscf2387 1200. Barely a few hours later, our counterparts suggested we head out for lunch. My CEO promptly fell onto his knees to do some dramatic push-ups, followed by some running on the spot in a poor attempt to burn off the calories he consumed over breakfast.

dscf2392 1245. We arrived at First Coast, a cute nautical themed restaurant just a short walk from the office. I was charmed by the bubbly American waitress and the lovely food on offer. I had pan-fried coley from their lunch and early evening menu. The boys had thai salad and cous-cous, which were very delicious according to them. They finished with cake and ice-cream. I managed to restrain myself and didn’t order dessert.

dscf23901300. I couldn’t resist exploring the rest of the restaurant to take some quick snaps before we return to the office.

dscf23931400. I nipped to the Starbucks around the corner to grab a coffee to go with my cola. I needed all the caffeine to stay awake!

dscf23941600. All info-ed out and tired. Meeting finally over so we walked into the city centre for a quick wander.

dscf2395 1605. I think that pretty well sums up their strong sense of self, don’t you? Also loving the accent.

dscf23991610. Still making our way through the streets and trying to soak up as many of the scenes as we can before we need to head back home.

dscf24001700. Edinburgh Castle is in the background. The city is undergoing major construction works in order to introduce tram travel in 2011. What a good idea! It was a pity we had to go home after this was taken. I didn’t even get to shop around for a tartan blanket.

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