Paradise found, again


It was nice to go away for a short break. The last time we went on holiday was in 2007 and ever since the house came along, our frequent vacations have had to go!

But this was a reasonably affordable little trip- the air tickets were a real bargain at S$125 and so we paid a bit extra for a sea view room at the quiet tropical resort nestled between the two main busy beaches in Phuket. There was nothing posh about this small laidback hideaway, but we had a very relaxing and comfortable stay and I thought it was great to be able to enjoy the sweet fragrance of tropical flowers and spices from the well-tended gardens.

We spent most of our time on a rented motorbike, exploring bits of the island and stopping by for food and drink when we needed to. Our best discovery was Ya Nui beach, an extremely small, quiet bay somewhere before Cape Panwa. The waters were crystal clear and we spent ages just standing in the sea looking at the schools of fish swimming around.

On another day we rode up a steep winding mountain path in search of the Big Buddha, a newly constructed 45m high sea-facing Buddha. Because we were able to get such a good variety and quality of Japanese food for an unbelievably low price, we took our nightly dinners at the same place, the Fuji Restaurant at the recently opened Jung Ceylon mall.

Just before we left for home, I found a beautiful spa at a nearby hotel which had a 50% off promotion on their packages. By a sheer stroke of luck, somebody had cancelled so they were able to fit me in at the last minute that afternoon. I had a 2-hour ginger and lemongrass scrub and traditional Thai massage which set me back by S$60.

I always revisit places without expecting to be wowed but somehow I always do. And strangely, this time I could also definitely hear the strong, sweet whispers of IndoChina, urging me to live and work within.

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