On the first morning

I woke at 6am after not a bad night’s sleep. After laying quietly in bed for an hour, I got up and went to the minimart to get a newspaper and the coffeeshop for some fried beehoon.

The sky was already nice and light, and everything was quickly coming alive. I relished the fragrance of Asian cooking wafting through the air as I walked to the coffeeshop, that familiar, comforting scent of home. Of oil, garlic, soy sauce. The wonderful sound of the metal spatula clanging against the steel wok.

An old man in pyjamas tucking into a bowl of mee pok fishball noodle soup. A group of elderly ladies chatting over coffee and kaya toast. A boy in his crumpled sleepwear queueing up for milk and cereal.

All that buzz, rush, noise, smell and sights. After laying dormant for 6 months, it’s as if that had awakened me and reminded me what I love about being home.

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One Comment on “On the first morning”

  1. E Says:

    Welcome back!

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