Random festive updates

>> Thank you fefe, tsl and emily for your Christmas cards! They all arrived on the same day. Lots of heartfelt messages and encouragement for me, been reading them again and again!

>> A little robin flew to the kitchen window and stayed for a brief moment to say hi while I was doing the dishes. He was beautiful with an orange chest.

>> Unfortunately R and I fell into the category of  “panicky last minute Christmas shoppers” this year and had to hit the city centre on Monday evening to push, dodge, shove, run and get our Christmas shopping done. Not a very pleasant experience, will do better next year.

>> Presents have been piling up under the tree and I had such satisfaction wrapping them up. Can’t wait to see all the faces when they rip the parcels open!

>> I am officially off till the new year and I am going to bake some cookies and muffins for everyone.

>> I’m been hoping and praying but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a white Christmas this year. Temperatures have been quite mild at 7C. Argh! Wheres’ the snow when we want it?!

>> K invited us to her place for some Finnish Glögg (mulled wine), gingerbread, cheese and snacks. We dined with candle lights and festive songs while constantly having to elbow her dog who loved to poke her head in and steal food from the table.

>> I have had about 8 mince pies since November.

>> With flu heading for a nine-year high in the UK, everyone I know has been or are sick and  I’ve been coughed and sneezed at a lot. Last evening I felt feverish and had a tickly throat but I’m hoping I won’t come down with anything – not over the holidays!

>> I managed to buy a live wreath but not mistletoe. Heading out to town this afternoon and hope I’d be able to get one. Did not know how one looked like till this year.

>> I had a nice Christmas meal in a pub with everyone I work with last Friday. We pulled crackers, drank wine, ate too much and I really had a good time getting to know people better. We didn’t really talk about work and I think that was fantastic self-control on our part!

>> My mum rang me after she got home from Beijing last Sunday and told me “I got a Beijing mug for ‘that ang moh’, didn’t buy anything for you though”. I told R and we are both quite apprehensive about whatever that means!

>> My colleague told me, “R’s best Christmas present would be when he wakes up on Christmas morning and sees you next to him.” I told R and he said hehehe. Last night I asked him to say something romantic and he came up to whisper to me, “Honey, I’d do the dishes.”

>> Happy Christmas.

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One Comment on “Random festive updates”

  1. Eric Says:

    Hi cherrrr! Figured you might be interested in this http://www.mysingapore.sg/Fun_Stuff/Blog_Contest/
    God bless!

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