Were Brits, weather or not we ken spill


I know I am in the country from which English originates and where English is the only language people speak but sometimes it shocks me how appallingly bad the standard of literacy here is. People have difficulty differentiating effect and affect, whether and weather, bare and bear, we are and were, their and there. I know it’s the same back home but hey at least most of us are also fluent in another language!

It feels strange to be correcting spelling mistakes made by my colleagues and editing their work. It feels strange when an ang moh asks me if he is spelling something right. It feels strange to be able to pick out typos in posters and notices. It feels strange because if you put me next to a white person, you’d assume the white person had a better grasp of the language. 

You’d think that since English is the only language they speak and know since birth, they would be more than competent in its usage. Which brings me to my next point – why do they NOT know how to write and spell? Is the education system just assuming that because you already use the language in your everyday communication, you don’t have to emphasise on teaching it?

Still, I’m enjoying this being part of this very strange phenomenon. It just makes me feel superior knowing I can spell and write better than our former colonial masters!

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