Two on a journey

I got back from London yesterday afternoon after nearly breaking my bank account with a weekend of sinful spending. H and I went to check out this new megamall in west London which was supposed to be as big as 64 football fields. And then things just kinda spiralled out of control from there. I liked everything I tried on and this, fuelled by a desperate need to build up a decent winter wardrobe, turned me into a crazy shopaholic!

Being away though, is fantastic, as it really becomes crystal clear to me what I actually love and loathe. Well for example, I enjoyed the girly time together with H, who lives with another girl in a two-bedroom flat. We had a wonderful meal the first night I arrived at the famous roast duck restaurant, chatting about boyfriends and catching up on everything else.

I told her it’s been more than a week since R has moved into the new house with me and with the cooker, fridge and TV up and running, it’s starting to feel more like home. However, I am still not used to sharing my space and bed with somebody else and do feel a little bit stifled. There are many nights I toss and turn in bed because I am aware there is him beside me and I am just lying there hearing him breathe and waiting for him to snore.

I didn’t have such problems when we went on holidays where we slept next to each other for up to weeks. But this is different. This is not a holiday but reality for us. It’s about waking and sleeping at different hours because we work different hours, about not seeing each other for most part of the day and sometimes we only have time to say hi and bye.

I don’t think either of us feel very comfortable yet and we will need time to adjust to living together, although sometimes I wonder if that is really possible? On the day we moved in, I put away all the food and pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards and showed R where everything had to be stored. He said I had OCD. I am annoyed when he leaves the dirty dishes in the sink for more than a few hours. He said I had OCD. And then before I shared this with H, she told me her boyfriend thinks she has OCD!

What’s it with dirty and disorganised boys who think all neat and tidy girls have OCD? It’s them who have horrible hygiene and habits! That was why it was nice to spend time with H – we keep the place clean and organised and we know it’s perfectly right for us to do so! I miss living with girls!

Anyway, what I also enjoyed apart from dressing up and going shopping (it’s always fantastic to shop with girlfriends), is the rainy-day-stay-at-home-hair-dyeing-experience and stuffing-your-face-silly-with-mince-pie day. Basically, we just dyed each other’s hair and ate mince-pies that morning.

London is a great city which continues to charm me since the first day I set my eyes on it nearly 10 years ago. It’s vibrant, it’s different, it’s inspiring, it’s exciting, it’s special BUT it is too busy and I wouldn’t want to live in it or near it. That I think, would eventually erode the love I have for the city.

I have grown to love living in the quiet suburbs near a relaxed, compact city like Cardiff. I have no desire to live on one of those inner-city streets with long endless terraced houses where you get lost because every street looks the same. I love it that when and if I want to take a breather I can just walk into the fields, pass the horses and sheep, climb a hill and have the whole village at the bottom of my feet within 20 minutes.

People always tell me I come from Singapore which is so crowded and busy and I shouldn’t find places like London and HK claustraphobic. R tells me I would be bored in the village but I haven’t really been. I don’t know. It’s strange. I like it. I feel right at home here in the village, but I need to get used to feeling right at home with R.

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6 Comments on “Two on a journey”

  1. blikeplanb Says:

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s very funny to read that you travelled the opposite that I did. I just moved from France to Singapore a few months ago. You write very well and your experience in this village is very interesting.

    See U
    Plan B

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Merci Plan B, hope you are settling in well in Singapore!

  3. melissa Says:

    yikes babe i think i live like a man :p

  4. Ms An Tee Ti Says:

    Well, the ‘leave-the-dishes-in-the-sink’ thing, is NOT OCD and R knows it. It is keeping house clean. It is being house proud. It is about inculcating a GOOD habit and this may reflect the kind of up-bringing we have.

    My children and even their father like to leave used spoons and dishes in the sink. And trust me, I freak out. And no one dare say I am paranoid!

  5. cmm Says:

    i miss living and shopping with you and H!!

  6. Annabel Says:

    I live like a teenage boy and think my mum has OCD. Luke is slightly neater than me so I leave the cleaning up to him. 😀

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