No whizz-kid

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After the disastrous canoeing trip in July where I ended up in the water, I skipped the next bi-monthly activity of paintballing in September. When R came home and developed a few bruises from where the balls hit him, I was glad I did not go.

For November, the guys from the hospital where R works at decided on indoor go-karting. Since I’ve tried it before (it was another disaster where my brakes failed and I crashed into a row of stationary go-karts), and there seemed to be minimal pain and risks involved (hmmm..), I decided to join in.

As usual I was the only girl but it didn’t bother me much. I picked my lucky number ‘8’, donned my kid-size overalls, chose my helmet and stylishly hopped into my go-kart ala Lewis Hamilton style, roaring to go.

It was only when the others have taken off that I realised my legs were too short and could not reach the pedals. I meekly alerted the staff to my embarrassing problem and he was kind enough to bring me a cushion to prop me forward.

For much of my time on the tracks I was driving like a L-plate idiot, keeping close to the inner lane at a very slow speed, letting the others whizz by. Though my confidence picked up after some laps and I got used to driving the go-kart, I kept reminding myself not to get carried away as the last thing I wanted was to crash and make a fool of myself.

In addition, with no rear or side mirrors, it was hard to see where the other go-karts were and I was terrified that if I occupied the middle of the lane they would come too close to my vehicle at ridiculous speeds.

No prizes for guessing who came in last for each race – all the other three go-karts would sort of arrive at the pit at the same time and I would still be somewhere out there trying to make it to the finish line.

Still my objective that evening wasn’t to win but not to crash or get injured, and apart from a reckless driver who bumped me from behind, I did not get into any accidents. Hell, I couldn’t have with the way and the speed I was driving!

Everyone of us got to go at least 20 laps over a 2 hour period, racing different drivers each time. I was relieved I did not make it to the semi-finals because the steering was very heavy and vibrated a lot. I had to use a lot of force to hold it down and control where I was going, so I was happy to take off my gear and relax to watch the better guys race.

Not surprisingly, the next day I developed severe muscle aches in my biceps, triceps and check this out – my deltoid muscle, the area connecting my arm to my chest. My right wrist also hurt. Strangely, though it did not feel as strenous as paddling down the river when I was driving, I seemed to have developed aches in the same body parts as I did after canoeing.

Sadly, the experience thoroughly exposed all the flaws of my non-existent driving skills, highlighting my desperate lack of control over a potentially lethal machine on the road. Unfortunately the only way to get around this problem and my phobia of driving among many cars is simply more practice and to be WITH the many cars.

Unless I am willing to rely on public transport for the rest of my time here, which is not going to happen because it is dreadfully unrealiable, I am going to need to buckle up and buck up very soon.

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3 Comments on “No whizz-kid”

  1. R Says:

    Thank you for agreeing to accompany me on yet another activity. Neither of us expected you to race competitively, but I’m pleased that you enjoyed participating, (at least in part) and that you were not injured.

  2. Ms Wa La La Says:

    Hey, perhaps you should have done some warm-ups. U surprise my ku-niang, other than taking part in the run and doing captain’s ball, it still isn’t dawning on me that u r the sporty type …hmmm …

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Hey Ms Wa La La, I know I look like a ku-niang and can be a wimp. But I think I am also secretly a tom-boy – I used to ride bikes and kill fleas as a kid. And even though I am girl-girl, I think I’m up for a lot more outdoorsy activities than some non ku-niang! Not that I’m any good at sports, just like to enjoy a bit of fun that’s all. 🙂

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