Swooned over bee hoon

I experimented with making fried bee hoon the other night for dinner since we have all the ingredients needed to make it as authentic as possible. I used some pak choi, dried mushrooms (from home!), red pepper, shredded carrot and strips of fried egg on top. It turned out not too bad although I was disappointed not to be able to recreate that familiar taste of home. Could it be the missing yew cang (fried shallots) or sliced chilli or fishcake or tau gay? I don’t know… There is just something so comforting about stuffing my face with economy bee hoon, vegetarian bee hoon, or any bee hoon! I miss real food.

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4 Comments on “Swooned over bee hoon”

  1. cmm Says:

    hello cindy chen! just came back from strawberryland and loving every posts you’ve made since i left. the star egg is super cute and successful if i may add. just thought it would be funny not to have any note so you can go imagine for yourself why we sent you those. heh. and seriously, your place looks BEAUTIFUL! good job you two. everything DIY also can so nice!

    also, we were choosing between giving you a gorgeous drama bouquet of red roses and this elegant pot of white orchid. looking at your pictures, i’m so glad that we decided to go for the one that’s long-lasting and significant of home. and it looks so perfect on the fireplace mantel! ok i should stop, this is turning into a letter. say hi to R! missing you lor..

  2. Melissa Says:

    hey my mum makes a darn good beehoon even when she’s in zurich…I’ll try to get the recipe for you!

  3. Ms Dull Says:

    Missing … mum’s touch!!!!

  4. tintedglasses Says:

    Ms Dull, I was expecting that from you! And I think you are right. It’s my Mummy’s smell and taste I miss. Melissa, faster give me the recipe can, I remember your Mum whipping up some fantastic Asian dish for us when we went to Zurich. CMM, welcome back to Singapore! Did you get anything suitable for me? Hey we want to internationalise SL, bringing it to Wales! Faster come and visit can?!

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