Roses and thorns


The last of my birthday surprises came on the night itself when R brought home a huge bunch of beautiful big roses on his bike and tried to sneak them into the house without me noticing. I was overjoyed and put them beside my bed. The great thing about cut flowers in this climate is they last forever, whereas in Singapore my roses would have wilted by the third day if I was lucky.

He was very proud to mention to his colleagues that he’s bought me flowers and they gave him serious nods of approval, until he mentioned it was for my birthday. “What?! Not for her birthday or Christmas. We mean you shouldn’t buy her flowers just on special ocassions, but also on ordinary days to show your affection.” And then they weren’t so impressed with him anymore. 

Poor men, they just never seem to get it right.

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3 Comments on “Roses and thorns”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love your vase!!! It was a toss up between roses or orchids because we knew how much you love roses but we went for the latter in the end cos that was a touch of home. I’m glad R got you roses and they look soo beautiful!

  2. felia Says:

    So sweeeett……

  3. tintedglasses Says:

    Melissa: The orchid buds opened and I think the plant is doing well. Takes them forever to bloom again though when they wilt. But I’m inspired to get more orchids!

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