Home improvement #2










Like many other old houses, ours originally only had one bathroom next to the kitchen, which meant we had to go up and down the stairs whenever we needed the loo or the shower. But since there is already existing plumbing in one of the rooms upstairs, R got a builder to put in a toilet and shower, turning it into an ensuite guest room. So who would be the lucky one to be the first to stay there?











I like purple and all bright colours, but I’m always very hesistant about painting walls in other shades apart from white. I’ve always liked that I can easily jazz up whitewashed rooms with interesting paintings, plants, furniture, and change them whenever I fancied another look.

Having coloured walls would mean that I had to select the accessories to match the shade they were in, and I don’t like having such limitations. There have been many ocassions where I was tempted to experiment with rich hues or even beautiful wallpaper, but in the end I just wasn’t bold or creative enough to step out of my comfort zone.

As you may have gathered by now, we want to try to keep our house simple and neutral in terms of colour and design so that we won’t be in danger of “going out of fashion”. This room upstairs is a space for us to watch TV, read books and magazines, use the computer and relax. There is a futon behind the door and we plan to get a coffee table and maybe a small armchair. I think it may be my favourite room by far.

More home improvement tidbits to come.

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3 Comments on “Home improvement #2”

  1. felia Says:

    The results are fabulous, very warm-hearted and soft touch as compared to the previous picture. Now this inspires me to really look after the new house 😀 I should have – and now I will do something, put more effort… 🙂

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    I think you’d appreciate having your own place after some period of renting. I’ve always had to live in rental places in the UK and there is nothing cosy or homely about them. You live with people whom you don’t know or care to see. It feels wonderful to be able to put a home together from scratch, and though it can be very frustrating, expensive and time-consuming in this country (contractors and materials are alot cheaper back home and things move more quickly), I think the end results can be very rewarding. Can’t imagine we have to do all that again if we move back to Singapore though. Arggh

  3. nasaan Says:

    wow nice room

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